Client Work.

Finding new markets for my clients and present their ideas in well rounded design. If it has the pixels, I have the solution.

Personal Work.

A collection of paintings and drawings that can be seen in art galleries, bars and houses across the United States.


A little about me, but not too much, and a few things that drive me and inspire me.  Yes, that might be a pun.


If you need solutions in print, signage, illustrations, web design, CMS, HTML, CSS, PHP or javascript, drop me a line.
More than a freelance designer and web developer, Eric Buckner Winfield is a whimsical character, often full of fiery angst that drives the production of much of his work. He can build a website, a motorcycle, a kitchen cabinet. He finds inspiration in places from his neighbor’s trash heaps to his favorite artist’s latest album cover and coordinating vinyl toy.  Yet, Eric Winfield understands that sometimes the most successful design is one that is barely noticed.

He’s obsessed with the Big Lebowski and makes a mean White Russian, an even meaner Manhattan and don’t even get us started on his Flaming Dr. Pepper skills.

With an artist mother and a computer dude dad, it’s no wonder he has an artistic side and a strong analytical side. Started college headed down dad’s computer dude path and left with a BFA on mom’s path, yet he says he owes it all to Bob Ross.

He can turn a blank page into a tantalizing menu and a TV monitor into a changing and scrolling menu. He can build your website and develop your brand. He can design your logo, your business card, your coffee cozy, your Facebook cover photo. Eric Buckner Winfield, solutions in web and print…and pretty much anything else designy.

Eric Buckner Winfield


Graphic Solutions in Web & Print

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